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Maret 29, 2015

Infinite L and Woohyun Enjoy Some Free Time Between Hectic Schedule in Japan

Infinite is currently doing a promotion in Japan as well as preparing for 2015 comeback in the next two months, which is May. Despite that, a few hours ago Infinite  leader Sunggyu updated his twitter with pictures of his fellow member, L and Woohyun. He must've taken the pictures secretly. The pictures shows many sides of L and Woohyun from fell into deep thought, sleeping, spreading arms, and even dancing :D

명수..머..멋있다... [Myungsoo.. Well.. Cool...]

Sunggyu state the caption while sharing this picture showing L scratching his head as he's in a deep thought.

자..자유인들... [Now.. The free man...]

Later he give that statement while uploading 2 more pictures with more daring position. One is L falling asleep (how cute). And the other one spreading arms, enjoying fresh air, Woohyun.

댄스황제인듯..... [Dance Emperor.....]

This one is a bit crazy because Infinite Woohyun dance as he doesn't care anymore and enjoying himself completely :D

We hope you guys enjoy your free time ^^ Fighting for the next schedule.

All pictures are taken from Kyuzizi's twitter


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