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Oktober 12, 2015

EXO Baekhyun Plastic Surgery Rumour 2015

After Taeyeon plastic surgery rumour, this time it's Baekhyun that gotten into the same scandal. Similar to Taeyeon case, fans defend him by saying that it's not true. This following picture is the proof that he has nothing done to his eyelid and chin.

What do you think? Is it only false speculation and same with Taeyeon case, just the power of makeup?

Oktober 11, 2015

Taeyeon Plastic Surgery Rumour 2015

Taeyeon of SNSD recently being pointed out about doing some surgerical procedure to her eyelid. She looks terrific in her recent Music Video, I, with her natural makeup and "new" double eyelid. Many people defend her by saying that it's just the magic of double eyelid tape. That's why the thickness of the eyelid is never the same between each shot. Aside from that, she's so gorgeous with her new hair color. See some of the close up shot of her below. Do you think it's just a mere cosmetic power?

snsd taeyeon plastic surgery rumour

snsd taeyeon comeback i

snsd taeyeon pretty

snsd taeyeon acting in her music video

snsd taeyeon with hat

snsd taeyeon hair

snsd taeyeon double eyelid

snsd taeyeon smile

snsd taeyeon makeup

snsd taeyeon surgery rumour

snsd taeyeon braid hair style

snsd taeyeon braid hair style

snsd taeyeon new hair color

snsd taeyeon smile

snsd taeyeon plastic surgery rumour 2015

taeyeon plastic surgery rumour 2015

In most of the picture, she looks like having a fairly thick double eyelid. But in the last 2 pictures you can see that the shape is different. It's considerably thinner and the eyelid area even look a bit swollen. So if I can say my honest opinion about this, it looks like she's truly just putting on a tape. But, I can totally be wrong because I never see that in person. So what we can do just wait and let time prove it. Aside from all that matter, isn't she just simply beautiful? :-)

Juli 29, 2015

Infinite Bad Sixth Win SBS MTV The Show With 2nd Highest Score of All Time

Infinite win again this week on SBS MTV The Show. This is also marked as their 6th win on music show. Infinite win 5 trophies last week but failed to get an all kill since they only got 2nd place on SBS Inkigayo. Infinite got 2nd highest score of all time with 8.657 points, breaking their own record from last week performance which is 8.648 points.

Infinite Bad Sixth Win SBS MTV The Show

Inspirit will looking forward for a couple more win this week. Congratulation for the successful comeback! Watch the announcement on video below.

Juli 25, 2015

7 Reasons Why Infinite Must Win Tomorrow at SBS Inkigayo

#1 Haters started to call our dear boys Infibitch and Flopfinite. They even told Infinite to disband instead.

Flopfinite? No! Slayfinite? Yes!

#2 People keep doubting Infinite 3rd to 5th win even saying that Infinite bought their album them self.

Infinite 2nd Win MBC Show Champion
Infinite Bad 2nd Win MBC Show Champion

#3 There's rumor spreading that SM plans SNSD to win last week, Infinite this week, and SuJu next week. What a joke?

Infinite Bad 4th Win KBS Music Bank

#4 Infinite 2nd World Tour Infinite Effect going to start very soon.

Infinite 2nd World Tour Infinite Effect
Infinite 2nd World Tour Infinite Effect

#5 Tomorrow's win would mean so much because it's an All-Kill if we did.

#6 Bad deserve all the wins, It's a really great comeback and a really great fresh concept from Infinite.

#7 Because Inspirit LOVE Infinite and won't sit still when haters badmouthing our boys! Not by badmouthing them back, but by doing the best and try to win their heart ^^

Infinite Bad 5th Win Music Core

Infinite Bad Fifth Win MBC Music Core #Bad5thWin Trending Worldwide

Infinite Bad Fifth Win MBC Music Core
Infinite Bad Fifth Win MBC Music Core

Infinite slay the fifth music chart which is MBC Music Core today and got their 5th win, 5 days in a row. This time is the third time Infinite can win over Girls Generation sunbae-nim. It's not even that shocking anymore ^^

Infinite Bad 5th Win

Infinite Bad 5th Win

Infinite official facebook page share picture of the members with their 5th trophy. Big congratulation for Infinite Bad ^^

Infinite Bad Fifth Win MBC Music Core

Meanwhile, #Bad5thWin become trending topic in Korea and also Worldwide!

#Bad5thWin Trending Worldwide
Via Infinite7Soul

#Bad5thWin Trending Korea
Via Infinite7Soul

And last but not least, you can watch their live performance below. As always Infinite live performance is slay with great vocal on stage and sync dance move. Enjoy ^^

Juli 24, 2015

Infinite Bad Fourth Win on KBS Music Bank #Bad4thWin

Infinite Bad Third Win on KBS Music Bank
Infinite "Bad" 4th Win KBS Music Bank

Another win for Infinite "Bad". This time is the fourth time in a row, and the second time Infinite win over Girls Generation. That is today's KBS Music Bank.

Infinite Bad Third Win on KBS Music Bank

Infinite Bad Third Win on KBS Music Bank

Infinite Bad Third Win on KBS Music Bank

Members are indeed very shock as usual when beating Girls Generation sunbae-nim. Words can't even explain how they feel because they even have 0 points on Viewers Voting Score. But they beat Girls Generation hard at the very last moment with Physical Album Sales. We hope to see more wins for Infinite so they can get an All Kill. Who's with me? ^^

Juli 23, 2015

Infinite Bad Third Win on Mnet MCountdown #Bad3rdWin Trending Worldwide

infinite bad 3rd win mnet mcountdown
Via InfiniteUpdates

Despite the tough competition with Girls Generation, Super Junior, Apink, Girls Day, and more, Infinite made their 3rd win with Bad on today's Mnet MCountdown. Inspirit seems working really hard for this comeback and make this win happen.

bad third win mnet mcountdown
Via Facebook Group

Via Infinite7Soul

Infinite members seem to be in awe when the winner announced. They can't believe they defeat the unbeatable girl group of all time aka unbreakable wall group, Girl Generation. Big congratulation for Infinite. I'm sure this 3rd win will mean a lot to them just before their world tour activity.

Score Girls Generation VS Infinite

As you can see above, the score between two team are very close! That's why this competition is very breathtaking and possibly can make Inspirit got a heart attack too, *joking*. Meanwhile, as soon as it announced, #Bad3rdWin make it way to the top to be trending topic worldwide.

#Bad3rdWin Trending Worldwide
#Bad3rdWin Trending Worldwide

Since making their comeback with "Bad," Infinite took home their third trophy in a row this week alone! Congratulation again to Infinite for this meaningful win. Watch their live performance and cute reaction on winning over their sunbae in 2 videos below ^^ Even the MC is shock and there are a couple seconds of silence. So funny! And in addition, beware to the high high notes of Woohyun that might shock you. That high notes isn't something that you can hear in every performance. It's also proving that all Infinite members are indeed very talented singers.

Infinite Celebrate Bad 3rd Win
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