Infinite L and Woohyun Enjoy Some Free Time Between Hectic Schedule in Japan

Infinite is currently doing a promotion in Japan as well as preparing for 2015 comeback in the next two months, which is May. Despite that, a few hours ago Infinite  leader Sunggyu updated his twitter with pictures of his fellow member, L and Woohyun. He must've taken the pictures secretly. The pictures shows many sides of L and Woohyun from fell into deep thought, sleeping, spreading arms, and even dancing :D

명수..머..멋있다... [Myungsoo.. Well.. Cool...]

Sunggyu state the caption while sharing this picture showing L scratching his head as he's in a deep thought.

자..자유인들... [Now.. The free man...]

Later he give that statement while uploading 2 more pictures with more daring position. One is L falling asleep (how cute). And the other one spreading arms, enjoying fresh air, Woohyun.

댄스황제인듯..... [Dance Emperor.....]

This one is a bit crazy because Infinite Woohyun dance as he doesn't care anymore and enjoying himself completely :D

We hope you guys enjoy your free time ^^ Fighting for the next schedule.

All pictures are taken from Kyuzizi's twitter

Fans Celebrate Infinite L's Birthday! #24thHappyLday Trending Worldwide

infinite l birthday trending worldwide
Image taken from Infinite Official Fan Cafe

Today is Infinite L's birthday and fans from all over the world celebrating it with the hashtag #24thHappyLday in twitter. And just until a moment ago it still becomes trending worldwide!

infinite l 24th birthday trending worldwide

His fellow Infinite member and best friend, Seongyeol, also send birthday messages in twitter. He said, "Myung Soo, Happy Birthday. First birthday abroad!! Later in Korea, hyung will treat you something delicious! You look so lonely," followed by a picture of Kim Myung Soo in bed looking at his phone. 

sungyeol wish l a happy birthday

Later he tweet again with L's picture showing V sign, but I'm not quite sure what he was saying because I'm not fluent in korean haha.

infinite l birthday

Infinite member Hoya also wish L a happy birthday in twitter, share a picture of the birthday cake as well. He said, "MS Myung Soo Happy Birthday ke ke ke ke ke".

As a feedback for so much love from the fans and fellow members, L share a birthday message on INFINITE Official Fancafe home page here.

infinite l birthday

At last, happy birthday to Infinite L. Stay healthy, and we're looking for a better image of you in 2015. 생일 축하 해요 

infinite l birthday

Apakah Member SNSD Menjalankan Diet Ketat?

SNSD adalah girl group nomor wahid yang kepopulerannya masih tidak terkalahkan hingga sekarang. Jika teman-teman adalah fans-nya dan cukup ingin tahu bagaimana mereka bisa memiliki tubuh indah semampai seperti itu, simak diet mereka di bawah ini.

snsd diet
  • Untuk sarapan, mereka hanya mendapat asupan energi sebanyak 200 kkal dari labu manis, tomat ceri, dan puding.
  • Makan siang tidak jauh berbeda, hanya 300 kkal dari lemon, tomat, dan sayuran hijau.
  • Makan malamnya, masih sama hanya 300 kkal dari seiris kecil semangka, irisan nanas, dan salad udang.

Menurutku, wajar jika mereka menjalankan diet se-ketat itu (informasi di atas sudah dibenarkan oleh trainer mereka) karena mereka harus tampil prima dalam acara TV yang harus mereka jalankan. Tetapi untuk kita, diet seperti itu adalah pelanggaran terhadap kebutuhan pokok manusia, yaitu makan.

Manusia dewasa di atas 20 tahun minimal harus mengkonsumsi 2000 kkal tiap harinya. Jadi, diet seperti SNSD di atas tidak disarankan. Lebih baik, diet secara sehat saja, misalnya dengan menggunakan produk herbalife. Toh meskipun hasilnya tidak se-cepat diet dengan cara mengurangi makan, tapi tubuh kita bisa terjaga kesehatannya. Itu yang terpenting bukan :-) Lagipula jika sudah sakit, harga yang harus dibayar pasti jauh lebih mahal dibandingkan menjalankan diet secara sehat.

Anyway, tidak usah menjudge SNSD yang macam-macam. Mereka tidak menjalankan diet ketat itu setiap hari kok. Hanya di special occasion saja, seperti hari-hari mejelang konser dsb. Bagaimana pendapat teman-teman? :-)

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Result for K.J.Site 2nd Vote: What is your ace Kpop Boy Band?

I rarely open my site since 2011. That's a very long time, isn't it? So that's probably the reason why the time I decided to write again in this site and change the name from K.O.R.E.A.N.Site-Bilingual to Kpop Jpop Site (K.J.Site), the 2nd vote already reach 555 respondents. The title for the vote is: What is your ace Kpop Boy Band? So, here is the result.

First place

2PM with 35 points out of 100 point.

Second Place

 Super Junior with 28 points out of 100 points.

Third Place

Big Bang with 9 points out of 100 points.

Fourth Place

SHINee with 8 points out of 100 points.

Fifth Place

SS501 with 6 points out of 100 points.

Sixth Place

Beast with 5 points out of 100 points.

Seventh & Eight Place (a tie)

2am with 3 points out of 100 points.

Boyfriend with 3 points out of 100 points.

Ninth Place

Shinwa with 2 points out of 100 points.

Last Place

B1A4 with 1 points out of 100 points.

And here is the sneak peak of the result for real. I hope you enjoy this post after all of my vacuum time. Keep support your bias and never turn down any other band.  i wish you support all of the Kpop Boy and Girl Band. For now, bye...

[News-Eng] 2NE1 Short MV for Hate you Japanese Version

Following four days to weeks involving teasers displaying unique individual clips with the members, 2NE1 now features short MV for Hate You Japanese Version.

Although the content stays the identical, they just a little shorter versus the primary Korean Version. Nevertheless, the actual young YG ladies often have got enhanced at this on their japanese, when they sound significantly simpler so much smoother all around.

Look at the actual MV below and also toss us your views on this 2NE1 short MV for Hate You Japanese Version.

Source: allkpop