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Juli 04, 2015

Korean Makeup Brands

If you can name atleast 10 korean makeup brands within 30 seconds, then you probably having a syndrom called korean makeup addict. If you don't, that's alright, you'll soon going to join the team anyway, that's why you click this article right? Anyway here are some of the well-known korean makeup brands. The order doesn't mean anything, every brands have good side and bad side of their own. I just mention any brand that comes to my mind and arrange it the way I like it.

#1 Innisfree

I will start of by introducing Innisfree. I think this brand is super good. The products are known for it's natural ingredients and it's also an animal cruelty free brand. One of the most popular item from Innisfree is the Long Wear Cushion. I don't know if there's a deal behind it, but a korean makeup artist Park Hye Min aka PONY always use it's cushion in her videos. So it must be really good. And in addition, it current models are Yoona and Lee Min Ho.

#2 Etude House

I'm sure that everybody and their mom and their dogs, knew already about this particular korean makeup brand. Mostly because the models are always popular. Jun Ji Hyun, Lee Min Ho, 2NE1 Dara, SHINee, Jang Geun Suk,  Park Shin Hye, F(x) Sulli and Krystal, what a great list of models! Apart from well known models, the price of the products are considerably cheap. Not very cheap either but pretty affordable.

etude house
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#3 Laneige

Song Hye Kyo is one the icon of ultimate beauty in Korea. Well, today she probably isn't that popular unlike at 2004 when she reached the peak of her popularity with her drama, Full House. But, even today, her youthful look and flawless skin still unbeatable. That's probably why she's become Laniege model since 2008 till this day. One of the most popular item from this brand is the waterful range.


Jun Ji Hyun is probably one of the reason that this brand becomes popular. Not all of the products are famous but only some that Jun Ji Hyun used in her crazily popular drama, My Love From Another Star. Actually not just makeup, but every outfit and accessories that she wore in that drama are all sold out. In that drama, Jun Ji Hyun wore bb cushion, lipstick, and mascara from IOPE.

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#5 Missha

The bb cream is very popular. I like the M Magic Cushion, it's affordable and the quality is good. Currently, girl group Rainbow is becoming it's model.

#6 The Face Shop

Since 2013 Suzy has become the model and 2014 Kim So Hyun also join her. It has a wide range of skin care and makeup products.

#7 Banila Co

Banila Co has many good products. Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm is probably the only balm type cleanser that has many good reviews, korean skin care wise. The CC Cream is also one of the best.

banila co
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#8 3 Concept Eyes

Eventhough this brand is not as big as other, the popularity is quiet high. The foundation and highlighter are hot items.

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#9 Skin Food

The most popular product from this brand is probably the sugar scrub mask. Everybody rave about it and loving it.

#10 Tony Moly

One of the cutest range from Tony Moly is the Tony Moly Egg Pore Series and until today it's still on the best seller shelf. The current models are Hyuna from 4Minute and B1A4.

korean makeup brands tony moly
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Wow, I didn't even realize those are 10 korean makeup brands already. There are many more out there but I think I will stop here for this article. If you have any brands in mind that you think way more popular than those 10 or it's getting popular these days, mention them in the comment below.


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