Korean Eye Makeup for Monolid and Double Eyelid

Korean eye makeup can be differentiate into 2 kinds: makeup for monolid eyes and for double eyelid eyes. Makeup for double eyelid eyes are pretty much easier than for monolid. Anyway today we're going to go through both. First, I'm going to give an example of an excellent monolid eye makeup.

korean eye makeup
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You can never go wrong with gold and brown smokey eye makeup, especially if you have monolid eyes. You only need 2 eyeshadow color, light gold for the inner eye and bronze for the outer eye to create smokey effect. If you have monolid eyes, make sure to apply your eyeshadow until it appear 3 mm above the eyes when you open them.

korean eye makeup for monolid
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Another issue with monolid eyes is when applying eyeliner. It's okay to apply a bit thick because most of it not gonna show up when the eyes are open. Also it's okay to thicken up the wing because again most of it basically gone once you open your eyes.

Now let's take a look at the example of double eyelid makeup one. I actually wrote a tutorial for this summer look here.

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The main difference between monolid and double eyelid eyes are, the double eyelid one doesn't need that much eyeshadow and eyeliner. A little goes a long way.

korean makeup tutorial
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First, apply the base color all over your lid and above them. Then, apply any color you want on the eyelid and below your eyes. Next you can apply eyeliner, as I said before you only need a thinnest stroke and you good to go. If you want you can apply the same color below the eyes but only on the outer part. Apply mascara, and it's done. Super easy and quick.

If you have question to tips and tricks regarding korean eye makeup, monolid or double eyelid, don't hesitate to leave a comment below.

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