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Maret 13, 2015

Fans Celebrate Infinite L's Birthday! #24thHappyLday Trending Worldwide

infinite l birthday trending worldwide
Image taken from Infinite Official Fan Cafe

Today is Infinite L's birthday and fans from all over the world celebrating it with the hashtag #24thHappyLday in twitter. And just until a moment ago it still becomes trending worldwide!

infinite l 24th birthday trending worldwide

His fellow Infinite member and best friend, Seongyeol, also send birthday messages in twitter. He said, "Myung Soo, Happy Birthday. First birthday abroad!! Later in Korea, hyung will treat you something delicious! You look so lonely," followed by a picture of Kim Myung Soo in bed looking at his phone. 

sungyeol wish l a happy birthday

Later he tweet again with L's picture showing V sign, but I'm not quite sure what he was saying because I'm not fluent in korean haha.

infinite l birthday

Infinite member Hoya also wish L a happy birthday in twitter, share a picture of the birthday cake as well. He said, "MS Myung Soo Happy Birthday ke ke ke ke ke".

As a feedback for so much love from the fans and fellow members, L share a birthday message on INFINITE Official Fancafe home page here.

infinite l birthday

At last, happy birthday to Infinite L. Stay healthy, and we're looking for a better image of you in 2015. 생일 축하 해요 

infinite l birthday

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