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Juni 12, 2011

[News-Eng] Big Bang Member Answer for Some Random Question

Here's some homemade posters that contain Big Bang member answer for some hilarious random question.

1. How if you and BB member break up and you end up dating a different member?

2. How if someone ask for your autograph on their CD?

3. How if you must to wake someone up by call them?

4. How if you fall asleep on the lap?

5. How you jokinglu say no to someone proposal?

6. How if someone say something about their ideal girl in interview?

7. How if you pregnant and have a syndrome?

8. How if somebody eating ice cream and notice you want some?

Author: Chal (K.O.R.E.A.N.SiTe)
Source: twitpic.com post by @bbquotes


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