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Juni 12, 2011

[News-Eng] 2PM Come Back Variety on July 2011 - 2PM SHOW

2PM going to direct their own variety show on July 2011. After almost 2 years vacum from varieties, 2PM is back with their own variety show! Unlike Idol Army and Wild Bunny, it's going to be a show led by the members themselves. The show will start in July and will be broadcasted on SBS e!tv and will be named 2PM SHOW! There will also be a weekly Twitter poll conducted where fans can answer a question about the members and they will discuss the results on the show. Interesting!

Author: Chal (K.O.R.E.A.N.SiTe) editing
Poll 2pm show here
Source: fb group 2PM Hottest forever n asianfansclub.wordpress.com


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