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Juli 12, 2015

Infinite Released "Bad" Official Music Video (Non VR 360)

Infinite Bad Official Music Video VR
Infinite Comeback with "Bad"

Infinite 5th Mini Album Reality
INFINITE "Bad" Official Music Video 1st Verse

After 2 months from it's actual schedule which in May, Infinite finally comeback today with Bad. Fans already hype up with the fact that Infinite gonna try new concept which is Hip Hop-ish. The music video gonna released in two version, one with Virtual Reality technology or VR 360 and also the usual 2D music video which is surprisingly released first today. Below is the music video, enjoy the new concept and also improved vocal in Infinite.

Bonus: The legendary 100% synchronized dance is back! ^^

Infinite Bad Sync Dance
Infinite Sharp and Sync Dance Move


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