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Juli 01, 2015

Infinite Comeback Teaser Image

Infinite Comeback Teaser Image

Infinite release a comeback teaser image. After previously revealing their plan of a comeback in July, Infinite finally revealed their album title ‘Reality’ and their group photo through the official website (www.ifnt7.com) on July 1st.

In the revealed image, Infinite captures the viewers’ eyes with relaxed facial expressions befitting their age, rather than the flashy looks of a renowned Korean boyband. The photo further peaks the viewer’s curiosity about the new album with their natural style and the night city lights in the background.

The image, which reminds the viewers of a scene from a teen film, contains the charms of ‘Infinite Reality’ through their nonchalant facial expressions and natural poses towards the camera.

Woollim Entertainment expressed their confidence, saying, “Aside from group activities, Infinite has been active with solo activities and acting. They grew a lot as individuals and also as a team. Even though a definitive date has not been decided yet, we are almost done with the album preparation. We have put a lot of work into the music, as it is their first album in a year. Please look forward to it.”

Furthermore, the server of a ticketing website for Infinite’s upcoming second world tour concert, which is to be held on August 8th-9th at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium, went down despite being open only to the fans first. Infinite was also on the list of currently most searched words, which further proved the fans’ excitement about Infinite’s comeback.

Meanwhile, Infinite is currently wrapping up their album preparations and is active through individual activities.

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