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Mei 06, 2011

All Dream High Official Poster n Photos

Here is an 'almost' complete dream high official poster. So, don't forget to purchase the original poster.

Dream High Main Character
-Oh Hyuk, Baek Hee, Jin Guk, Hye Mi, Sam Dong, Pil Suk, Jason, Kyung Jin-

Dream High-ist Uniform

In formal


The non official one

Don't forget to purchase Dream High original soundtrack

The Kuartet

Guk, Baek Hee, Hye Mi, Sam Dong

The Real Dream High Couple

Hye Mi and Sam Dong

Sam Dong kissing imajination

The Dance

Fake Show Case

Hye Mi and Jin Guk

Ignore whatever they said

Dream High Milky Couple

Jason and Fat Pil Suk

Jason and Skinny Pil Suk

Fake Show Case

Take Profile Picture

Miss A Suzy as Go Hye Mi


Kim Su Hyun as Song Sam Dong

2PM Taecyeon as Jin Guk or Hyun Shi Hyuk

T-ara Eunjung as Yoon Baek Hee

2PM Woo Young as Jason

IU as Kim Pil Sook

Other Official Photos

Partner to Rival

Jin Guk and Baek Hee

Compiling around the internet by: Chal (K.O.R.E.A.N.SiTe)


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