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Desember 18, 2015

The Best Concealer of 2015 - Top 5

By On 21.50
In this post we will review top 5 the best concealer of 2015 in Korea. Considering the price, texture, how long it last, coverage, and moisture, here is the list of best concealer this year.

the best concealer

Number one, Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Concealer.

the best concealer of 2015

This is by far the most popular concealer since its released. This product never disappoint in terms of formulation. However, it's actually lacking in some aspect including hygiene. As you know it comes with a sponge applicator tip which is new in the concealer world. It makes concealer application easier but it kinda look gross the more you use it.

the best concealer

So, there's a tip to that concern. Simply remove the sponge and apply the product with your finger or other makeup tool. It's actually a lot cleaner.

Number two, MAC Mineralize Perfectly Finished Concealer.

the best concealer of 2015

This concealer from MAC is also popular, mainly because it's MAC so everybody trust the brand.

the best concealer

It's pretty good, it has a nice sharp applicator. But, it splatters easily so if you careless when you open the tube, your cloths may get dirty.

Number three, Malu Wilz Camouflage Cream.

the best concealer of 2015

Malu Wilz is a brand that is famous for its concealer. And not for no reason because this concealer is just great. The coverage is great especially for redness around your nose. It covers the dent as well.

the best concealer

Another good function of this concealer is for highlighting. It's looks wonderful if you apply it on the nose bridge and underneath the brow bone.

Number four, Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit.

the best concealer of 2015

This is the only one that has mirror in it. But, consider it comes with a pressed powder and doesn't have a brush in it make it less convenient.

the best concealer

Number five, The Face Shop Face&it Radiance Concealer Dual Veil.

the best concealer of 2015

People call it beauty weapon because it has double function: there is a concealer stick on one end and the other end has liquid type. It's great all over concealer, both for dark circles and redness.

the best concealer

But, it can be a little dry especially the stick type so you need to blend it for a couple of times throughout the day.

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Desember 16, 2015

Top 3 Korean Lip Tint

By On 21.48
There are many brand when it comes to korean lip tint, but there are particular brands that is broadly used and loved by many women in Korea. Let's see some of them and review how good they are.

korean lip tint

First one is Benefit Benetint, which is the most basic lip tint, the first one to come out. It's great because it looks natural. The color is lively without looking too much.

benefit benetint

However, it has weak brush so it's not the easiest product to apply. It's difficult to perfectly control the brush at first but you'll get to used to it later. The lid also weak and easily come off so you basically can't bring it with you because it's going to leaked on your makeup pouch.

ysl lip tint

The second one is from YSL, which is the Rouge pur Couture Glossy Stain. It's popular because Jun Jihyun using it in hit korean drama 2015, My Love From Another Star. It's an it item for korean girls ever since. The color of the product is so bright, the formula isn't drying, and Jun Jihyun use it. What other reason you need to get a hand on this lip stain?

Tony Moly Shaking Tint Delight

Tony Moly Shaking Tint Delight is also on top 3 among korean girls, especially they're in teens age. It's easy to use because it's long lasting so you don't need to reapply for the whole day. However, this product doesn't easily removed. As you can see at the picture above, there's still residue from the product after wiping it.

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