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Juli 23, 2015

Infinite Bad Third Win on Mnet MCountdown #Bad3rdWin Trending Worldwide

infinite bad 3rd win mnet mcountdown
Via InfiniteUpdates

Despite the tough competition with Girls Generation, Super Junior, Apink, Girls Day, and more, Infinite made their 3rd win with Bad on today's Mnet MCountdown. Inspirit seems working really hard for this comeback and make this win happen.

bad third win mnet mcountdown
Via Facebook Group

Via Infinite7Soul

Infinite members seem to be in awe when the winner announced. They can't believe they defeat the unbeatable girl group of all time aka unbreakable wall group, Girl Generation. Big congratulation for Infinite. I'm sure this 3rd win will mean a lot to them just before their world tour activity.

Score Girls Generation VS Infinite

As you can see above, the score between two team are very close! That's why this competition is very breathtaking and possibly can make Inspirit got a heart attack too, *joking*. Meanwhile, as soon as it announced, #Bad3rdWin make it way to the top to be trending topic worldwide.

#Bad3rdWin Trending Worldwide
#Bad3rdWin Trending Worldwide

Since making their comeback with "Bad," Infinite took home their third trophy in a row this week alone! Congratulation again to Infinite for this meaningful win. Watch their live performance and cute reaction on winning over their sunbae in 2 videos below ^^ Even the MC is shock and there are a couple seconds of silence. So funny! And in addition, beware to the high high notes of Woohyun that might shock you. That high notes isn't something that you can hear in every performance. It's also proving that all Infinite members are indeed very talented singers.

Infinite Celebrate Bad 3rd Win


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