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Juli 22, 2015

Infinite "Bad" First Win The Show #Bad1stWin Trending

infinite bad first win the show

Congratulation Infinite for the first win of "Bad" in SBS The Show. Because of the tight schedule, Infinite can't do promotion more than 2 weeks. In a week they're going to start "Infinite Effect" world tour which is their second world tour. That's why each win are important for them. Despite tight competition with GOT7, Infinite make it to the top of this week The Show. Meanwhile, the hashtag #Bad1stWin trending in multiple countries including Korea and Indonesia. Once again, congratulation for Infinite and good luck for the upcoming world tour!

#bad1stwin trending indonesia
#Bad1stWin Trending Indonesia

#bad1stwin trending korea
#Bad1stWin Trending Korea

Watch their comeback stage with Love Letter and Bad at The Show below. You can check out how much point that Infinite gets also. As you can imagine, there are many bits of the legendary knife dance and amazing sync in this particular performance. Enjoy!

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