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Juni 16, 2011

[News-Eng] 2PM Teaser Lyrics for Hands Up Comeback n Info

Hands Up
Written and composed by: Park Jin Young
First line: 울려퍼지는음악에맞춰 EVERYONE
English translation: "The blaring sound along with the music, EVERYONE"

Written and composed by: Park Jin Young
First line: "Come here, come here, let me..."

Give it To Me
Written by: Lee Junho, composed by Lee Junho/Hong Ji Sang
First line: 맘이같다는건알고있었지만매번엇갈리고
English translation: "Although I know that our hearts feels the same, due to the time.."

Just Like the Movies (영화처럼)
Written and composed by: Kim Michael Chung (Chance of ONEWAY)
First Line: 오래된영화속에우리가있어그안에
English translation: "In old movies, there's also us in it"

Don't You Know (모르니)
Written and composed by: Hong Ji Sang
First Line: 너만보면두근두근떨려오는내맘을
English translation: "My heart goes dugeun dugeun* (t/n: onomatopoeia for heartbeat) nervously whenever I see you only"

Written and composed by: Kim Junsu
First line: 오후두시너무나도눈부신그대의눈빛에
English translation: "2:00PM, you make my eyes dazzle, because of your eyes, my heart is on fire"

Here are the production credits and first bars for the 6 brand new songs on 2PMs Hands Up album. Since this has been posted it on the Korean Music Copyright Association, it's safe to say this information is completely factual and reliable.

Hong JiSang has produced many JYP Nation songs! For 2PM, he's written "STILL", the intro song to "I'll Be Back" on STILL 2:00PM, and "Nori 4 U" a CF song for Samsung Anycall in 2010. He also produced Changmin + Jinwoon's song on the Dream High OST, "사랑하면 안될까", in addition to "다시 사랑하기엔" on Saint O'Clock!! He also produced Miss A's "Step Up".

Michael Kim is Chance of One Way, a close friend of Junsu. Chance helped to produce Junsu & J.Lim's "가지마" from the Dream High OST, and produced many songs for One Way including "Rainy Days", Forever, A Thousand Words, and more! He has also worked with Super Junior and several other kpop idols.

Author: Chal (K.O.R.E.A.N.SITe)
Source: 2oneday.com
Credit: Korean Music Copyright Association in 2pm-news

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